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Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo

The last new VGA cooler was provided to us by the Swiss Arctic Cooling Company. There is no box whatsoever. The cooler comes in a clear plastic casing shaped exactly like it:

There is only the name of the cooler and the manufacturer logo on the front of this package. However, the back of the casing has a lot of useful info on it, as usual. Besides the specifications of Accelero Twin Turbo cooler and the list of supported graphics cards, there are two diagrams comparing the cooling efficiency and noise level of this solution against Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT reference cooling system. Actually, this is not the scariest competitor that they chose,  however, Arctic Cooling claims that their Accelero Twin Turbo is 26°C more efficient and 0.7 Sone quieter than the Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT reference cooler.

There is a small plastic box at the bottom of the exterior casing. All accessories sit in its individual sections:

Among them are two lattice brackets for the case rear panel, installation guide, a set of screws and washers, four aluminum heatsinks for the voltage regulator components, 8 heatsinks for the video memory chips and a Molex power adapter.

Accelero Twin Turbo measures 212 x 103 x 34mm and weighs 350g. Its front side is covered completely with a plastic casing with fans in it:

The cooler uses four 6mm copper heatpipes coming out of the copper base:

They hold an array of 30 aluminum plates. Each plate is 0.25~3mm thick and the gap between the plates is about 2.5mm:

According to the manufacturer, this simple design should be capable of dissipating 120W of heat.

Despite the seeming bulkiness, the cooler is only 35mm tall. The heatpipes lie in special grooves in the base plate and are soldered to it.

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