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The cooler comes with highly efficient Arctic MX-2 thermal compound already applied:

The quality of the base finish is pretty typical of Arctic Cooling solutions: very even, without any machine marks but also without any polishing.

There are two 80 x 80 x 10mm fans fastened in a plastic frame attached to the heatsink plates.

The fans are not installed into the plastic frame the traditional way, but hang on four plastic panels, which reduce the noise, according to Arctic Cooling. Accelero Twin Turbo specifications claim that it generates between 0.2 and 0.6 Sone of noise depending on the fan rotation speed that adjusts automatically in the interval from ~120 RPM to ~2000 RPM. The fans create 40CFM or 68 m3/h airflow.

The fans use hydrodynamic bearings that should work for 30,000 hours at 40°C air temperature.

The fans are made in China (as you can see from the rotor sticker) and each fan consumes maximum 1.8W.

Accelero Twin Turbo is compatible with all contemporary graphics cards (except GeForce GTX 260/280 and Radeon HD 4870/4850 X2) and installs similarly to Scythe Musashi. The only difference is that we do not insert the spindles into cooler retention loops, but attach the retention to the card with screws at the bottom of the PCB. Unfortunately, there is no backplate among bundled accessories, however, you could use a plate from the reference Radeon HD 3870/3850, for instance.

Accelero Twin Turbo installed onto a Radeon HD 4870 looks as follows:

It doesn’t cover as much of the graphics card PCB as Scythe Musashi, however, the airflow will definitely cool almost the entire front side of the graphics card PCB.

Since the heatpipes go from the base towards the lower side of the card, they will not be in the way of video memory heatsinks along the upper side of the PCB. However, we had to remove one heatsink on the lower side, because it hit against one of the heatpipes:

Other than that, there were no problems. The graphics card with Accelero Twin Turbo cooler blocks the closest PCI slot. As in the previous two cases, we recommend to leave the next slot empty at all times, to ensure better air circulation.

Accelero Twin Turbo is priced around $35 and comes with 6 years warranty.

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