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Water-Blocks: Design and Peculiarities

It’s the design of the water-blocks that largely determines the overall efficiency of a liquid-cooling system. So, let’s discuss them first.

The Vantec Stingray STG-100 includes four water-blocks: for the CPU, for the GPU on the graphics card, for the chipset’s North and South Bridges. The water-blocks have identical design and differ in size only.

The biggest is for the CPU. Its dimensions are 67x50x16mm and it can be mounted on any mainboard thanks to the clamping design of its fastening.

The package includes all the necessary spring-loaded plates that can be easily installed on a mainboard with any CPU socket.

The North Bridge water-block is much smaller: 37.5 x 37.5 x 23.5mm.

There are four threaded holes in the base of this water-block; you screw a frame into it and then secure it on the mainboard with the standard spring-loaded joint-pins.

There are frames in the kit for different mainboards, so you shouldn’t have troubles installing this water-block on products from different manufacturers.

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