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The South Bridge water-block and its fastening are designed in a similar fashion. It is only smaller: 37.5 x 31.5 x 23.5mm.

The GPU water-block is a little different from the others. The fittings are placed on its side rather than on the top in order to position the pipes in a more optimal way inside the system case. This water-block is fastened to the graphics processor exactly as the chipset’s water-blocks. The only difference is that the frame is secured with three rather than four screws. As for its dimensions, this water-block is almost the same size as the North Bridge one: 37.5 x 37.5 x 22.5mm.

The four water-blocks are all made up of two pieces: a copper base with a few parallel ribs on the inside and an aluminum cap. These two pieces are held together with screws.

The CPU water-block is assembled in a different way, using non-separable rivets rather than screws. A rubber pad is placed between each water-block’s cap and base to avoid leakage. The separable design of the water-blocks calls for more caution on your part. You must make sure the system is waterproof before installing it into your computer.

The bases of the water-blocks are polished to a mirror shine.

The water-blocks look impressive thanks to their bi-metal design with a figured cap as well as to the nickel fittings screwed into this cap. Although the fittings are installed at the factory, you should anyway make sure there is no leakage there.

The pipes are put on the internal part of the fittings and are then secured externally with a nut. This ensures excellent reliability and durability of connection.

The pipes included into the Vantec Stingray STG-100 kit have an external diameter of 0.5” and an internal diameter of 3/8” (12.7 and 9.5mm, respectively).

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