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Closer Look

The VapoChill system, like any other phase-change cooling solution, consists of four basic parts (the fifth part is the control & monitoring unit called ChillControl):

1. Compressor. Asetek uses compressors from Danfoss, the world’s leading company in this field. VapoChill XE is equipped with a BD35F model. Such compressors are considered the most perfect for today, feeding from the 12V power line and varying the rotational speed in a wide range. BD35F is filled with the R134A gas (this gas is also used in VapoChill SE and XE as well as in nVENTIV Mach II), but for the XE model Asetek selects best specimens of this compressor model, tests them and fills them with a more efficient gas called R404A. This gas contributes a lot to the high overall efficiency of the XE version of the VapoChill.

In fact all three Asetek model differ from one another only by the compressor they use and the gas inside it.

* Power means here the maximum dissipation power of the cooled element at which its temperature is -5°C.

If you are meticulous about details, here is some piece of info about the gases: R134A is a coolant with a boiling point of -26.1°C (under atmospheric pressure). R404A starts to boil at ‑46.6°C under the same pressure, thus increasing the efficiency of the system. R404A is a mixture of three gasses: R125 (44%), R143A (52%) and R134A (4%). Both coolants use synthetic oil, so refilling them is not difficult.

2. Condenser. The system uses a copper 12x12mm condenser that resembles some models of copper heatsinks of water cooling solutions.

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