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3. Capillary tube.

4. Evaporator. This is the most arguable solution from the team of Danish engineers. Its obvious advantage is its small size and easy installation, but its small volume somewhat reduces the overall system efficiency. Anyway, the evaporator of the VapoChill system is a well-thought construction – just take a look at its scheme as drawn by the manufacturer.

All versions of the VapoChill come with the same evaporator, but each system is supplied with a CPU kit that helps you to install the evaporator onto a certain type of processor socket. For today, there are Socket A and Socket 478 versions as well as the universal CPU kit for Sockets 478/754/939/940. The modularity of the construction allows upgrading it for another platform by simply changing the CPU kit (its price is similar to that of an ordinary CPU air cooler).

The lagging is implemented by means of traditional neoprene pipes and plates. The CPU kit also includes one or two 4W heater elements, which are glued to the processor and the mainboard (at the back side) to prevent condensing by generating some heat. These heaters reduce the efficiency of the system just a little, by a few degrees, while the stability grows significantly, so the manufacturer advises that you don’t turn them off.

The necessary cooling is provided by:

  • One 120mm Sunon KDE1212PMB3-6A (84CFM) intake fan, installed behind the condenser;
  • Another such fan exhausting air at the back panel of the case;
  • An 80mm fan from Sunon that takes air in at the side of the case, against the compressor electronics unit.

The two ordinary versions of the VapoChill come equipped with only one 120mm fan on the condenser, but the higher load on the condenser made it heat up more and called for a more serious cooling solution.

5. ChillControl rev.2.0. All electronic stuffing of the system is placed on one circuit board of the control and monitoring unit called ChillControl. The board carries:

  • An indicator consisting of four seven-segment LEDs;
  • Power connectors for the compressor and the mainboard;
  • A set of connectors for fans, thermal diodes and heater elements;
  • Power and Reset connectors;
  • A connector for attaching the COM cable for controlling the system operational parameters.

All VapoChill XE units come with the ChillControl of the new 2.0 version, with a more convenient placement of the connectors.

In fact, the VapoChill XE is a VapoChill SE filled with a more efficient coolant and with two additional fans. On the outside, its standard version is distinguishable for its black case with a side window.

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