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Case Design

The VapoChill case is easily recognizable with its characteristic barrel-like front panel and the overall massiveness. A closer inspection produces an ambiguous impression, but let us start from the very beginning.

The dimensions of the case nearly match those of a full-tower system case, but the volume of the computer part is closer to the midi-tower form-factor.

The front panel is made of plastic painted with powder dark-gray ink. The decoration panel covers the ChillControl indicator – it is made of obscure translucent plastic. There are elegant vent slits at the top and bottom of the panel. Three (!) 5.25” bays and one curtained 3.5” bay are placed in the center. The case seems to be larger visually because of its width: the bays are simply lost against the background. The two-color VapoChill logo is placed above the bays. The Power button looks exactly like the Reset one, you just have to learn that the Power is above Reset. By the way, you also use the Reset button to switch between the modes of the ChillControl indicator. The front panel is larger than the case itself, so there are special decorative plates at the side panels fastened to it. Overall, the panel looks original and refined, although the plastic of the buttons is of surprisingly low-quality.

You may like or dislike the exterior of VapoChill cases, but I’m sure you won’t be indifferent to it. I personally like it, but other people say the white variant looks better, while some are strongly against the “barrel”. Anyway, this is a matter of taste.

The chassis is covered with three metal plates: two side panels that open on the “computer” part of the system and one U-shaped panel for the compressor bay. The panels are made of thick (over 1.0mm) steel – the manufacturer didn’t try to save on metal. All panels are painted with powder black ink. The right panel has an acrylic window, glued from the inside. This is not the most elegant window I’ve seen, but it fits into the overall style. There are vent holes in the left side of the U-shaped panel, against the installed 80mm fan. Side panels are fastened with four thumbscrews while the U-shaped panel with four ordinary screws (the user is not supposed to take it off often).

The construction of the chassis differs greatly from ordinary system cases. It is made of stainless steel and is nearly polished. The metal is as thick as in the side panels and this explains the heavy weight of the device.

The top accommodates the compressor and the condenser of the refrigerator unit. There are vent holes for 120mm fans at the front and rear ends. The evaporator is attached to the processor through a hole in the chassis.

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