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The idea of using passive cooling solutions for graphics cards is not a new one already, remember the Zalman ZM80D-HP passive cooler that wasn’t very efficient but absolutely noiseless (for details see our article called Zalman ZM80D-HP: Make Your Graphics Card Completely Noiseless). Developing the passive VGA cooling concept, the Accelero S1 and S2 solutions from Arctic Cooling that were first displayed at CES 2007 in Las Vegas have finally reached our lab. The cooling solutions from this manufacturer have always been very popular among overclockers, that is why today we are going to devote the entire review to them.

Besides, Cooler Master Company also was right in time with their new solution that will also participate in our today’s test session. It is the new CoolViva Z1. We have recently reviewed Cooler Master CoolViva Pro (for details see our article called New Graphics Card Cooling Solution from Cooler Master: CoolViva Pro Review) that left a very favorable impression and proved a pretty efficient and quiet solution. Since CoolViva Z1 is a passive cooler, we don’t doubt its noiselessness. However, as for efficiency and its ability to back up the good name of the Pro model, this is what our today’s test session is going to be about.

Testing Participants

Arctic Cooling Accelero S2

Although this solution features higher model number, S2, in its name, we are going to begin our discussion of this product family with this particular model, because it was the first one to hit the market, way before Accelero S1 did.

Not very big flat package made of transparent plastic allows you to take a closer look at the cooling system even before you make up your mind to buy it:

The front side of the square flyer lists the supported graphics cards, and the reverse side of it contains the main technical specs of the cooler and efficiency comparison charts. All accompanying accessories are stores in a small separate section inside the box:

  • Two plastic locks with clips;
  • Arctic Cooling logo sticker;
  • Four retention screws with a set of regular washers and a set of round plastic pads;
  • Eight aluminum heatsinks for memory chips;
  • Step-by-step installation manual;
  • Bracket with large vent holes for the case rear panel.

Arctic Cooling Company positions its two cooler models for specific graphics cards only. The S2 model we are talking about right now is designed for graphics cards with not very high heat dissipation that is why it is built with only two copper heatpipes 6mm in diameter:

The heatpipes coming out of copper base go through 31 aluminum plates 188x18mm each. Therefore, the approximate area of the heat dissipating surface is The actual size of the Accelero S2 cooler is 140mm x 188mm x 32mm and its weight is only 202g.

The heatsink base is covered with a plastic cap protecting the pre-applied thermal grease from drying out. The thermal grease they use is the efficient ARCTIC MX-1 that takes about 8 days (200 hours) to stabilize:

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