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Design and Functionality

It turned out that AURAS Fridge (stands for “refrigerator”) is a passive heatsink that comes without any fans. Although it doesn’t at all mean that you cannot install any on top of it. The heatsink measures 227.2 x 134.4 x 34mm and weighs approximately 348g. It consists of an aluminum plates array of variable height that sits on four copper heatpipes 6mm in diameter:

The main distinguishing feature of the newcomer is the heatpipes positioning horizontal to the graphics card PCB. In other words, the heatpipes originating from the cooler base go not up or down, but parallel to the graphics card PCB, which allows reducing the cooler height and increase the effective cooling area of its heatsink.

There are total 54 plates in the heatsink array that are spaced out at 4-5mm, which indicates that the new cooling system is primarily designed to work in passive mode:

Without the fans AURAS Fridge turns out quite compact:

Although if you top it with a 25mm fan (or fans) it will be pretty much as tall as the XIGMATEK BATTLE-AXE VD964 we have just discussed.

The heatpipes originating from the cooler base are bent to get as close to the heatsink array as possible and move away from the graphics card PCB components:

The cooler base is made of nickel-plated copper and the heatpipes are slightly flattened to ensure better and bigger contact surface with the base:

The evenness and polish quality of the base plate are impeccable, as you can see.

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