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Its rotation speed is PWM controlled in the interval between ~1200 RPM and ~2800 RPM with the airflow between ~39 and 54.6 CFM. The level of generated noise in this case is from ~22 to ~34 dBA. The fan is attached on four silicone spindles fitting into the heatsink grooves:

These compensators are designed to lower vibrations and shift the sound pressure to the more acoustically comfortable range. In other words, fans run quieter with these spindles. But that’s not all yet. If you remember, the accessories bundle included not 4 but 8 silicone spindles, i.e. considering that the heatsink is symmetrical and the grooves are on both sides of it, you can improve the cooler efficiency even more by installing a second fan for air exhaust.

The assembled Xigmatek HDT-SD964 cooler with a fan attached looks as follows:

The cooler with a fan weighs 466g.

The new cooler is designed to fit all contemporary platforms except LGA 1366. To ensure compatibility with the latter, Xigmatek will soon release a new retention kit that will be included with all new coolers. Now the cooler can be installed with the common retentions of two kinds:


Socket 754/939/940/AM2(+)

LGA 775

The detailed cooler installation instructions are provided in the corresponding manual (PDF file, 5.98 MB), although even without it, everything is simple and intuitively clear. The distance from the mainboard surface to the lower heatsink plate is 40 mm, so Xigmatek HDT-SD964 cooler will not interfere with any electronic components in the area around the processor socket.

This is what the installed cooler will look like inside a system case:


As you know, coolers with heat-pipe direct touch technology should be installed onto quad-core processors in such a way that the heatpipes go along the processor socket lock lever (photo on the right), and not across it. In this case the cooling efficiency will be significantly improved. Xigmatek HDT-SD964 is no exception from this standpoint, because when we installed it as the photo on the right shows, the temperature of the hottest processor core under maximum workload was 2~3°C lower.

In conclusion to this part of our article I would like to add that the MSRP for Xigmatek HDT-SD964 cooler is set at $34.

Now let’s check out our second testing participant, a cooler from Xigmatek, too, but from a higher-end category.

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