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You may remember that coolers employing heatpipe direct touch technology not only depend on the way they are installed on the CPU, but have one very serious drawback: weak pressure against the processor heat-spreader. Xigmatek seem to be aware of this issue that is why they are offering alternative retention kits for their cooling solutions (although they only come as an additional product at this time and are not yet included into the accessories bundle). These kits are called Crossbow and come to the user in a small plastic box with a cardboard insert:

If you open it up, you will get step-by-step installation instructions on using Crossbow retention with the coolers:

The actual retention consists of two steel brackets with spring-screws, a backplate for LGA 775 or Socket 939/AM2(+), a wrench and two screws:

Two retention brackets are fastened to the cooler base with the bundled screws, instead of the spinles with plastic clips:

And then the cooler is fastened to the backplate through the mainboard PCB:

As a result, the cooler is not only pressed firmer against the CPU heat-spreader, but the mainboard is also protected against bending. Crossbow ACK-I7751 retention is compatible with HDT-S963, HDT-S1283, RED SCORPION-S1283; Crossbow ACK-I7753 is designed for HDT-D1264, HDT-D1284, Achilles S1284 and HDT-SD964, and Crossbow ACK-I7754 – will suite for any Xigmatek cooler to be installed onto and AMD platform. Each kit is priced at only $7.

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