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The contact surface of each cooler has a slight bulge right in the middle, which is indicated by the thermal grease imprints:



The Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 comes with a TY-140 fan (160x140x26.5 mm) whereas the Archon SB-E is equipped with a larger TY-150 (170x150x26.5 mm).



The speed range of the TY-140 is still 900 to 1300 RPM whereas the TY-150 works at 500 to 1100 RPM. Each fan supports PWM-based speed regulation and runs on Enhanced Hyper-Flow bearings.

They seem to have identical electrical specs:


Each fan is fastened on the respective heatsink by means of wire clips, which are not very handy.

Soft silicone pads glued to the corners of the heatsink help suppress vibrations.

The new TY-150 fan is so large that one might question its efficiency. It’s clear that quite a lot of its air flow is going to be wasted above and below the heatsink.

There are no changes as to the installation process. Each Thermalright cooler is secured on the CPU by means of bushings, a back-plate with screws and a pressure plate.


The TRUE Spirit 140 and Archon SB-E being narrow and having large clearance, there can be no conflicts with mainboard components.


You can only have an installation problem with the Archon SB-E and its huge fan: the latter is going to press against the side panel of your system case.

The TRUE Spirit 140 has a recommended price of only $39.95 which is about half the price of the original Archon. The price of the Archon SB-E is not yet disclosed.

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