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The German-Scandinavian mythology has a god of thunder, storms and fertility. His name is Thor. Thor travels in a bronze chariot, wears a pair of iron gloves needed to hold the red-hot weapon and a magic belt which boosts the wearer's strength. As for the weapon, Thor owns a short-handled hammer, which, when thrown at a target, returns magically to the owner and also has the power to throw lightning bolts. It is the latter that XIGMATEK Co., Ltd. have chosen as inspiration for their new CPU cooler called Thor’s Hammer (SS126384).

This cooling system really turned out very interesting: it boasts very innovative heatsink design and great cooling efficiency, so we couldn’t miss the opportunity to check it out. So today, we are proud to offer you a detailed review of this solution.

Package and Accessories

The box Thor’s Hammer comes in is of average size. It is designed as an ancient chest with panels looking like metal along the perimeter of the box:

There are small cut-out windows on the front and back of the box that reveal part of the cooler heatsink and its base. The back of the box has detailed cooler specifications and a small photo against the background of fierce god Thor:

The cooler sits between two plastic molds inside the box. The accessories are sealed in a plastic bag sitting on top of one of them:

The accessories include the following items:

  • Universal backplate with padding for LGA775 and LGA1366 mainboards;
  • Two steel retention brackets for LGA775 and LGA1366 platforms with screws;
  • Four spring-screws and a small wrench;
  • Retention swing-clip for contemporary mainboards for AMD CPUs;
  • Eight silicon spindles for the fans;
  • A 1g pack of Stars thermal interface;
  • Installation instructions.

The cooler comes without a fan. It is made in China, a country where Thor has barely ever been to. The recommended price for XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer is set around $60.

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