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Design and Functionality

XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer doesn’t look anything like an axe or a hammer, but it has all the features of a typical tower-type processor cooling solution:


Nevertheless, this pretty heavy 800-gramm heatsink measuring 120 x 90 x 160 mm may one day become a really serious weapon. As for us, we are mostly interesting in its ability to fight high heat dissipation of modern processors, so let’s move on with our story.

The heatsink is built on four copper nickel-plated heatpipes, each 8mm in diameter, that also form part of the cooler base (HDT technology). There is another row of three heatpipes above them. These ones are 6mm in diameter. The heatpipes hold aluminum nickel-plated plates of four different shapes:


Two top plates serve mostly decorative purposes, because they do not contact the heatpipes. Then we see an almost oval plate with an elongated hole in the center. There are 16 plates like that and they alternate with the plates of third type of a very sophisticated shape that I cannot describe. There are 32 of those. At the bottom of the heatsink there are three small oval plates.

The heatsink plates are spaced out at 2mm from one another and are of the same thickness: 0.45mm.

Despite very complex heatsink plates shapes (there are 54 plates total) we managed to calculate the effective surface size that makes 7, It is about the same as ThermoLab BARAM has, but is smaller than that of Scythe Mugen 2.

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