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The unique shapes of heatsink plates and their shifted positioning in the array allowed to significantly reduce the fan airflow resistance:

Besides a total of 7 heatpipes, there are six square metal rods coming out of the cooler base. Their purpose is unknown to us, because they contact only the three lower plates, while the main heatsink array sits on the heatpipes.


The cooler base is protected with clear plastic film warning you that it needs to be removed before cooler installation:

The cooler base is even and features decent finish:

I have to say that the aluminum insert between the heatpipes is a tiny bit taller than the heatpipes surface. The heatpipes in the cooler base are at 1.5mm from one another and as we see from the thermal interface imprint all four of them contact the processor heat-spreader.

I would like to remind you once again that XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer comes without a fan. However, there are eight silicon spindles bundled with it that should be used for fan installation. They go into special grooves in the heatsink array:

You can use these spindles to install two fans onto XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer heatsink, although they will add a little more to the already high cooler price.

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