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Cooling Efficiency Tests

First of all let’s check out the processor overclocking potential under XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer with different number and type of fans at different rotation speeds. To accomplish this experiment we used not only the above mentioned Enermax Magma fans, but also SilentX iXtrema Pro IXP-76-18 fans (120 x 120 x 38 mm) with maximum 1520RPM rotation speed (according to monitoring tools):


Note how beautifully the fans match the color of the heatsink! When XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer is installed with the airflow directed towards the back of the case, the whole cooling system wouldn’t fit into the case anymore that is why we only installed the cooler as shown above.

 The results are summed up on the following graph:

The mode that is marked as “passive” on the graph is actually “relatively passive”, because the airflow inside the system case is very effective. But even the quiet system maniacs will be able to overclock their processors quite noticeably with XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer with one or, better, two fans only at 540RPM. You could push the CPU frequency even higher with a pair of more powerful fans. But I believe that the optimal solution for this heatsink would be one or two fans at 1200RPM. Two 38-mm fans, unfortunately, do not provide the anticipated temperature drop and big increase in the maximum CPU frequency during overclocking.

And now let’s compare the cooling efficiency of our today’s main hero against that of Scythe Mugen 2. Both coolers were tested only with two fans, since we have already discussed the results for XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer above (feel free to check out the dependence of Mugen 2 efficiency on the number and speed of fans in our previous review). Here we go:

Despite great cooling efficiency of the “war hammer”, it yields to Scythe Mugen 2. And if in quiet mode (at 840RPM fan rotation speed) the difference reaches 5°C, then at twice as high fan speed the gap reduces to only 2°C.

In conclusion I would like to compare the results of our today’s hero against those from our recent mega-shootout. The room temperature and other testing conditions as well as thermal interface remained exactly the same. The only things that are different in our today’s test session are: the BIOS version of the mainboard (V1206 → v1303), RealTemp monitoring program version (v3.07b → v3.19b), and a little more RAM was used during Linpack test (1600MB → 1624MB). Nevertheless, we still would like to add our “war hammer” to this chart:

With an advantage of a second fan XIGMATEK Thor's Hammer joins the group of the today's best coolers.

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