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Compatibility and Installation

The installation procedure for Zalman CNPS11X Performa doesn’t really differ from that for CNPS10X Performa or the new CNPS12X. For all supported platforms you will need to remove the mainboard from the system case first. The first step is to place the plastic caps with threaded metal bushes on the backplate ends and stick the cardboard pad to the center of the backplate:

In the meanwhile you have to attach a pair of steel retention panels corresponding to your socket type to the cooler base:

Next you apply a layer of thermal paste and set the cooler onto the CPU. Tighten the screws evenly on all four sides using the bundled L-shaped key:

I have to point out that this retention provides superior secure hold – the retention legs bend seriously under pressure.

After that you attach the fan, which, actually, doesn’t block any of the DIMM slots, and connect it to the power and monitoring connector:

The clearance between the lowest heatsink fin and the PCB is 35 mm and the fan hangs another 10 mm lower, but since this cooler is extremely compact, it doesn’t cause any compatibility issues in the area around the processor socket:


Zalman CNPS11X Performa looks very appealing and doesn’t take too much space inside a system case:

The cooler efficiency proved independent on the way it is positioned on top of the CPU that is why during our test session it was installed with the major airflow from the fan directed towards the back panel of our system case.

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