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Cooling Efficiency Tests

The results of our cooling efficiency tests are summed up in the diagram and table below:

Obviously, Zalman CNPS12X places the Korean Company at the very top of the super-cooler hierarchy. The new cooler turned out so efficient that, as we have already mentioned earlier, we simply had to include Thermalright Archon, although in the beginning we were practically certain that HR-02 Macho will suffice. Three cooling fans, double-array advanced heatsink and composite heatpipes allow Zalman CNPS12X to completely destroy its rivals at 600 RPM proving to be 6°C more efficient than Thermalright Archon (with one default TY-140) and winning 5°C from HR-02 Macho. At 800 RPM and 1000 RPM the advantage is a little smaller, but still quite substantial – 4 and 5(6)°C respectively. And at the maximum speed of 1150 RPM Zalman CNPS12X is 2°C better than Thermalright Archon and 4°C better than Thermalright HR-02 Macho.

I have to mention that by adding a second TY-140 fan to the Archon cooler you can only boost its efficiency to the level of Zalman CNPS12X, but not beyond that. Yes, of course, the new Zalman cooler turned out superb. The sheer proof of this fact is that at the maximum speed of its three cooling fans it ensured that our overclocked six-core processor could stay perfectly stable at 4.5 GHz, which is the maximum clock frequency for our specific CPU sample (the Vcore was set at 1.46875 V):

The peak temperature of the hottest processor core reached 87°C, which is currently the best results among all coolers we tested. You can clearly see it if we add Zalman CNPS12X to our summary table and diagram*:

* - The peak temperature of the hottest CPU core is posted on the diagram
taking into account the difference from the current ambient temperature
and is reduced to 25°C.

Even in the coolers rating during maximum CPU overclocking Zalman CNPS12X is part of the leading group, leaving many of them behind in terms of noise:

Now all we have to check is the acoustic performance of the new Zalman CNPS12X.

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