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Cooling Efficiency

The results of our cooling efficiency tests are given on the following diagram and in the following table:

New Zalman cooler performs very well here. For example, when tested with its default fan rotating at its maximum speed, CNPS14X is just a tiny bit behind Phanteks PH-TC14PE, which is currently the best super-cooler out there. What an excellent result! As the fan slows down by 200 RPM, the CPU temperature increases only by 1°C, and the same happens when the fan speed is lowered by another 200 RPM. only at the minimal 810 RPM fan speed, Zalman CNPS14X cools our test processor 3°C worse than at 1000 RPM and the peak temperature of the overclocked six-core CPU doesn’t exceed 78°C. Compared against Cooling Corator DS, the new Zalman CNPS14X cooler has obviously won.

The results demonstrated by these coolers with alternative Zalman ZM-F4 fans are also very interesting to check out. A pair of additional 135 mm fans boosts the cooling efficiency of the new Zalman cooler by as much as 4°C, which allows it to outperform Phanteks PH-TC14PE. Having extra fans is also quite beneficial at lower fan speeds: at 1000 RPM the cooler does 3°C better than in its default configuration, and at 800 RPM - 4°C better. Despite the fact that additional fans also helped Coolink Corator DS, it cannot compete against Zalman CNPS14X and consistently falls 3-5°C behind under maximum load.

You can compare the results of our today’s testing participants against the previously tested products in the following table and diagram*. Each cooler was tested in its default configuration in the quiet mode and at the maximum speed of the fan(s) with the CPU overclocked to 4.375 MHz at 1.385 V Vcore.

* - The peak temperature of the hottest CPU core is posted on the diagram taking
into account the difference from the current ambient temperature and is reduced to 25°C.

The new cooler from Zalman looks very good in this diagram, too. At the maximum rotation speed of its default fan it managed to outperform such well-known products as Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 and Noctua NH-D14 SE2011, and at the minimal 800 RPM is successfully competed against a variety of products from different makers.

As for the maximum CPU overclocking results, Zalman CNPS14X managed to keep the CPU stable at 4500 MHz with 1.425 V Vcore and 75°C peak temperature of the hottest core:

In our overall rating chart for maximum processor overclocking it takes one of the top spots yielding only to four super-coolers including Zalman CNPS12X:


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