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Acoustic Performance

We measured the noise level of our coolers throughout the entire speed range of their fans, as described in the chapter on testing methodology. Here are the results:

In our subjective opinion, the noise level of the new Zalman CNPS14X cooler falls somewhere in the middle between Phanteks and Cooling. And the tests confirmed this assumption clearly: Zalman’s noise curve runs precisely between those for Phanteks and Cooling. We already know that Phanteks fans are not particularly quiet, therefore, it was fairly easy for Zalman to outdo them in terms of acoustic comfort, although it failed to take the lead away from the high-quality Coolink fan. Zalman CNPS14X fan can be considered acoustically comfortable at up to 960 RPM and quiet at up to 800 RPM. It doesn’t crackle or vibrate at low speeds, and doesn’t produce any electrical noises. Overall, it is a very good an inexpensive fan (judging by the price of its retail modification).


Zalman CNPS14X is a remarkable cooler with superb cooling efficiency that comes at a relatively low price. If we look at the prices of the four super-coolers that rank above Zalman CNPS14X in our rating chart, you will see that all of them are priced way above $54.99. Therefore, we have every right to call Zalman CNPS14X a great choice for overclocking fans as well as for regular users need efficient cooling like that. Universal design, reliable retention, ability to accommodate another two fans, attractive exterior and beautiful packaging – all these are indisputable strengths of the new Zalman CNPS14X. The only bad egg in this basket is the ridiculously inconvenient installation procedure. Therefore, if you are looking for a cooler that you will only install once until time comes for the CPU upgrade with the new generation processor, then you can put up with 20 minutes of suffering and then forget all about it once and for all. Other than that, Zalman CNPS14X is an excellent product, which we can definitely recommend, and we have no other concerns about it of any kind.

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