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Closer Look

Even the cooler box looks original. The info on the sides of the box tells about the cooler specifications and peculiarities.


All the details are thoroughly considered. All the components are optimized to ensure the lowest level of noise, the lowest weight, the largest effective cooling surface and the best heat conductivity.


Ultra-thin heatsink fins are only 0.2mm thick, so that they guarantee the lowest airflow resistance, when they are cooled down by the stream of air generated by a 92-mm fan equipped with a blue LED. This design peculiarity allows dissipating heat efficiently even though the heatsink weights not too much.


Three enhanced bended heat-pipes are as efficient as six due to original curved construction.


The ends of these heat-pipes are soldered hermetically and are stuck between the two plates.


The cooler sole is very thoroughly processed, although it is not polished off to mirror shine, and you can still notice slight tracks left by the milling cutter.

The top plate of the cooler foot has a round-shaped bump. The cooler retention clip catches to this bump when you install the cooler and fasten it to the mainboard.

Zalman CNPS9500 LED cooler is compatible with all contemporary sockets and can be used to cool any CPUs, including the dual-core ones. The package contains everything you might need to install this cooler onto any mainboard and CPU.

Let me list everything we get with this cooler:

  • Hex-nut wrench;
  • Two clips;
  • Two brackets for Socket 478;
  • A frame for LGA775 and an installation guide;
  • Fan Mate 2 fan rotation speed monitor;
  • Double-sided sticky tape for fan mate 2 fastening;
  • Two black screws for Socket 478 retention;
  • Four long screws for LGA775 frame;
  • Two blocks and four screws you might need when you install Socket 754, 939, 940 processors on some mainboards;
  • A tube of thermal paste;
  • LGA775 retention backplate and a brand mane sticker;
  • Fan Mate 2 extension cord.
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