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So, since the cooling abilities of the Zalman CNPS9500 LED and a liquid cooling system are about the same, it is different things that start to matter more. For example, Gigabyte 3D Galaxy leads the heat outside the system case, and allows upgrading the graphics card cooling system to water cooling later on. This is an indisputable advantage. As for the advantages our Zalman CNPS9500 LED can boast, we should definitely mention simple installation, compact size and affordable price. The new cooler won’t be cheap, of course, but it will cost at least 2-3 times less than a liquid cooling system of about the same efficiency. According to Zalman, the cooler will be available in US by the end of September and it will be retailed around $80.

Zalman once again proved up to our expectations and designed a true masterpiece of the cooling art. Creativity and skills of Zalman engineers is really impressive and right now we can hardly believe that someone out there will be able to outpace them here. Maybe only they themselves can one day offer something even better. The entire history of Zalman Company indicates that they surely have something up their sleeve to surprise us later on.

In conclusion to our today’s test session I would like to say the following. I really liked Gigabyte 3D Galaxy cooling system when we first tested it, and I was even thinking of getting one for myself. But now it looks like I’d better wait for Zalman CNPS9500 LED to hit the shelves. :)

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