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Design and Functionality

One quick look at the new Zalman CNPS9900 LED is enough for any overclocker’s heart to start beating faster. See for yourselves:

Beautifully twisted heatpipes piercing fine heatsink fins will hardly leave anyone indifferent, even if they have nothing to do with computers. The cooler measures 94 x 140 x 158.5 mm, which makes it 16 mm wider and 16.5 mm taller than Zalman CNPS9700. As for the weight, the newcomer didn’t actually become much heavier: now it weighs 782 g (compare with 764 g of Zalman CNPS 9700). And the heatsink surface area even got 82 smaller and now makes 5402


The cooler is built on three copper heatpipes 6mm in diameter that come out of the copper base plate:

The heatpipes pierce two copper toroidal-shaped heatsink arrays. There is a fan installed between them and covered with a plastic housing with slits in it:


To remove this housing you need to undo two screws at the bottom of it. This will let you take a closer look at the heatsink:

As you can see, the heatsink arrays have different width. The heatsink facing the incoming airflow is narrower and there is only one heatpipe going through it. And the heatsink array installed behind the fan is wider and there are two heatpipes holding its body together:

The copper fins are 0.2 mm thin and the gap between them measures 1 mm in the inner circle and 2-2.2 mm on the outer circle.

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