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First of all I would like to point out that this cooling solution is very lightweight. It weighs only 180g with 166x95x38.5mm in size. They managed to make it so light due to the heatsink design using only three copper heatpipes and aluminum ribs only 0.4mm thin. Besides, Zalman VNF100 simply doesn’t have a base at all:

It actually forms when you put the system together. Zalman VNF100 uses patented VFP (Variable Fin Profile) Fin Design technology. It implies that the ribs in the array are of variable height, and the manufacturer claim that it allowed increasing the heat dissipating surface area and overall cooling efficiency without increasing the cooler weight:

Zalman VNF100 is a passive cooling system, no fan is intended to go on top of the heatsink.

The base is a very finely polished pretty thin aluminum plate:

There are three grooves on the reverse side of this plate, where the three heatpipes should go. And that is about all regarding the design of the new graphics card cooler from Zalman.

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