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Finally, the radiator-reservoir looks different from what it used to look like in Reserator 1. It is of the same shape, but has become of radical black color:

As you can see from the photo above, the Reserator connecting pipe have been modified, too:

If you press against these gray locks, the connecting pipes can be easily put on or taken off together with the tubes. Of course, these new connecting pipes are included into the package accessories. As you remember, the old Reserator 1 modification had threaded retention for the tubes, which was not the most convenient thing, I should say:

Have the technical specifications of the pump and the radiator itself changed? Nope, they are exactly the same. Take a look yourself. There are two snapshots of the spec marking on the Zalman Reserator 1 and Reserator 1 Plus:

You can also compare the inscription on the reservoir lids:

As you see, the pump and the Reserator of the Zalman water cooling system remained the same. The same 6.5kg of aluminum, the same capacity of 2.5 l of water, the same modestly powerful noiseless pump and huge cooling surface of the Reserator unit.

The tube included with the new Zalman Reserator 1 Plus is also the same silicone tube that we have already seen before. And just like before you get one long tube and can cut it the way you need for your particular system.

What has been changed dramatically, however, is the component water units. And this is going to be the most interesting part of our review today. Let me start with the CPU water unit.

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