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ZM-WB3 GOLD CPU Water Unit

The CPU water unit, Zalman ZM-WB3 GOLD, is packed into a transparent plastic box and can be sold separately as an individual product. This is no longer a boring white paper box we got with the Reserator 1 back in the days:

The CPU water block package includes two connecting pipes and two clamps for the tubes, different retention sets for mainboards, hermetic pads for the screws, user’s manual and a tube of brand name thermal paste:

The retention mechanism is fairly simple. It consists of a few different frames, couple of stands and a resilient clamp with interchangeable grips for the screws. So, you can easily install this water block on any contemporary processor. It is fit for Intel Socket 478/775 and AMD Socket 462/754/939/940.

The size of the new CPU water unit is much smaller than that of the old one. It remained of the same diameter but is twice as short:

The connecting pipes for the tubes are now designed to be wrenched on, however, overclocker’s strong fingers would be more than enough so you can easily do it without any special tools. However, if you don’t like the idea of fastening the tubes with the screws (that is when you have to deal with twisted tubes afterwards), you may as well use connecting pipes of different design that also come with the CPU water unit. In this case you will need to fasten the tubes with the clamps.

The bottom of the water unit that gets pressed against the CPU remained as perfect as it used to be: they managed to polish it off chemically to mirror-shine:

You can see four screws on the photo that hold together the new CPU water block. Yes! They have finally made it possible to look inside this part of our water cooling system:

The water unit consists of a copper footing with ribbed grid in the center, so that the water flow is directed to go along the ribs, and an aluminum lid with threaded holes for the connecting pipes. The rubber gasket sits in a round groove of the footing thus ensuring proper impermeability. When the water unit is assembled, the gasket is so tightly pressed against the flat surface of the lid that the whole construction is 100% secure. The remarkable thing is that even though this gasket is squeezed hard when you tighten the screws, it prevent s the two parts of the unit from touching one another. And since there is no contact between aluminum and copper washed by the water of the cooling system, the CPU unit turns even more robust against corrosion.

The inside design of the water unit shows that it is not very flow-resistant that is why it goes well with the pump of the Reserator.

Well, as for the efficiency of the new CPU unit, we will check it out during our tests, and in the meanwhile let me tell you a little bit more about another innovation we discovered in the Reserator 1 Plus package.

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