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The ZM-WB2 CPU water block, shipping with the Reserator 1, consists of an aluminum casing with a pressed-in copper core: its external side contacts with the CPU surface and the internal side has circular grooves for better heat transfer to the coolant. The anodized aluminum casing has the same color as the reservoir; it has threaded holes you screw the nozzles into. The rubber gaskets prevent any leakages.

Then, silicone tubes are fastened on the threaded nozzles with the help of threaded fittings – this solution is employed in a number of water-cooling systems. The next snapshot is an illustration of the polish quality of the sole of the water block; it also shows one such fitting:

The sole of the water block is not just smooth, which is easily achieved with chemical polishing and not necessarily an indication of high quality, but also almost perfectly flat, which is more important than nice mirror reflections on the smooth surface.

You can see the characteristic signs of contact with the heat-dissipating lid of the CPU. They indicate that the block’s sole only contacted the CPU around the rim, leaving circular traces as I was turning it around. In other words, the sole of the water block is not ideally flat, but rather concave. The gap between the sole and the screwdriver is visible on the snapshot below:

The fastenings of the water block are the same as you receive with Zalman’s ordinary CNPS 7000 series coolers. These plates and bars and bolts allow mounting the block on any modern processor: Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon/Duron/Athlon XP and Athlon 64. The following still life pictures all the fastening parts enclosed with the Reserator 1 system:

There are no silicone tubes on the snapshot as well as yet another interesting component of the system, its status indicator.

This flow indicator, with the same nozzles as the CPU water block has, is connected to the system in the same manner as the water block. If everything’s right – the pump is O.K. and the connecting tubes are not pinched anywhere – the bright plastic flag starts fluttering inside the glass tube of the indicator, showing that the water is circulating normally. If the system is off or something prevents a normal water-flow, the flag is asleep.

We received the Reserator 1 system along with the ZM-GWB1 kit, purchased optionally. The following section of the review deals with it.

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