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I’d like to say about bad things first. The ZM-GWB1 kit should only be used with low-power graphics cards. The GPU temperature on cards of the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra class and hotter may become critical with the ZM-GWB1.

The Zalman Reserator 1 system, on the contrary, leaves a very positive impression with its impressive looks, noiseless operation, and high efficiency. Well, if desired, you of course can find faults with it like the heavy weight, big dimensions and “external” placement of the radiator (or rather radiator-reservoir), but you have to put up with that anyway. A smaller and lighter system wouldn’t be as efficient.

Reserator 1 can become a foundation for a non-standard cooling system assembled to the user’s taste. The system permits using any water blocks, not necessarily manufactured by Zalman, so you can use third-party blocks for the chipset or the GPU, or instead of the standard CPU block (although the latter is unlikely – the standard block is all right). The Reserator won’t become any worse for such an adjustment. The only requirement to the third-party water blocks is they have to have similar-section connecting tubes.

In order for the low-power pump of the Reserator to work effectively, you should select water blocks with the minimal resistance to the water stream. Well, extreme people can always replace the standard pump with a stronger one.

So, the Zalman Reservoir 1 water-cooling system is not only a high-quality and finished product, boasting a completely noiseless operation and effective appearance, but it is also an excellent foundation for building your custom-made water-cooling system, which would add new features to those of Reservoir 1 proper.

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