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The cooler base is finished typically for a product employing heatpipe direct touch technology. However, the gaps between the heatpipes in the base are extremely big – 3.5 mm:


Unfortunately, we can’t hope to get even heat transfer from the processor to the heatsink with gaps that huge. As a rule, coolers like that are not too effective.

The fan is also quite unique – with dimples on its blades:


We have already tested a fan like that before in our fan roundup and as we remember it didn’t work wonders. Zaward Vapor120 has a PWM controlled fan working in 300-2000 RPM range. It creates maximum airflow of 93.96 CFM and generates between 10 and 34.3 dBA of noise. The fan measures 113 mm in diameter and its rotor – 45 mm in diameter. It comes with a 240 mm long cable.

The fan is attached to the heatsink with two wire clips:

The photo above also shows one of the four LEDs that add blue glow to the working fan. The dimples on the fan blades add a striped effect that is particularly noticeable in the dark:

Zaward Vapor120 is a universal cooler. Due to a universal backplate and two retention kits it can be installed onto any contemporary platform including LGA1156:

The cooler is installed in the same manner onto AMD and Intel platforms. At first, we install a backplate with retention mounts held with screw-nuts and insulating washers beneath them:

Then you use the screws to attach the corresponding retention plates to the base. They are universal for LGA 775/1156/1366 sockets:

After that you simply install the cooler onto the CPU and tighten large screw-nuts:


The retention ensures very secure hold with high pressure which is important for coolers using heatpipe direct touch technology. The distance between the lowest heatsink plate and the contact surface is 38 mm. Therefore, since the heatsink is pretty narrow (50 mm), the cooler will fit even onto those platforms that use memory modules with tall heat-spreaders.

There is no mention anywhere in the manual about the preferable cooler positioning, so we had to figure it out on our own. We discovered that it doesn’t matter for Zaward Vapor120, which way it is installed onto the processor, because the results were the same in both cases. It must be the 3.5 mm distance between the heatpipes in the base of the cooler that determined equal outcome in case the heatpipes were turned along or across the heat-spreader of the LGA1366 CPU.

The recommended retail price for Zaward Vapor120 is $39.

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