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Here we are participating in a town battle. Our hero fights side by side with a strong robo-dog, which grabs the passing car and throws it into the enemies following all physical laws. Another excellent example of one more CPU-dependent situation.

Again we see the same picture. Despite a drastic change of the gaming environment AMD CPUs retain their indisputable leadership.

In fact, it would be incorrect to say that the CPU is the only performance limiting factor here. When we set the resolution to a higher one the fps rate does drop noticeably. However, the CPU does play an important role here anyway and again we see AMD’s triumph. It looks like it was not for nothing that Valve developers called K8 architecture the most suitable for their new game. Also note that Hyper-Threading technology, as well as SSE3 instructions haven’t been implemented in Half-Life 2 at all.

Well, Valve software engineers didn’t actually strive for making use of all most advanced features offered by contemporary Intel CPUs.

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