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No resolution took place. New desktop hybrid processors, which were previously known as Richland and now belong to the new 6000-series brought only minimal changes to the Socket FM2 platform. AMD tried really hard to turn Richland into a new hit, but if we put aside all the marketing wrappers, then we will see the same Trinity processors with slightly increased clock speeds and nothing else. However, even these few little moment of joy that the new A10-6800K gave us today are quite adequate. It is great to have slightly better computing and graphics performance at the same heat dissipation and power consumption levels as well as to experience improved overclocking results.

Overall, Socket FM2 platform has always made a very positive impression right from the start, especially when it came to graphics or heterogeneous performance of the top models in the line-up. AMD developers have combined all their best efforts to give us Trinity and managed to roll out a few very attractive solutions based on it later on, especially in terms of pricing. Even though the improvement in Richland is small, it is nevertheless and undeniable step forward, which will allow AMD to maintain interest to their Socket FM2 platform at least until their principally new heterogeneous Kaveri processors are ready to roll.

Therefore, we will continue to recommend AMD A10 series processors as great products for office as well as inexpensive home gaming or entertainment PCs. Of course, it is important to mention that the graphics in Trinity and Richland processors is integrated and doesn’t support all games out there in FullHD resolution even with minimal image quality settings. But a lot of contemporary games will run on integrated AMD A10 graphics at a sufficient fps rate, while Intel cannot currently offer even that. At least, not until Haswell microarchitecture makes its way into the sub-$150 processor models.

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