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Graphics 3D Performance

Gaming performance is estimated from the specialized synthetic Futuremark 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark as well as from the average fps readings in such real games as Metro: Last Light, F1 2012, Tomb Raider (2013), Hitman: Absolution and Battlefield 3. We used two testing mode: 1366x768 resolution with medium image quality and 1920x1080 resolution with maximum image quality settings. Note, that we also added the results for Core i7-4770K for your reference, which will allow us to get some preliminary idea of what the latest Intel HD Graphics 4600 core in Haswell processors is capable of.

And again, no surprises here. The gaming performance increase in A10-6800K compared with A10-5800K is about 4-5%, which indicates that there are no architectural differences between the Trinity and Richland graphics cores. The performance improvement results solely from the increase in the graphics accelerator clock speed, which increased by 44 MHz in the new processor generation. In other words, nothing has actually changed in the gaming performance of the new Socket FM2 platform.

AMD claims that the performance of the Radeon HD 8670D graphics accelerator in A10-6800K processor is sufficient to run contemporary games in FullHD resolution. And in fact, I could agree with that. However, it is important to keep in mind that we are talking about low image quality settings and are accepting the fact that it will not always be the case. Some AAA-shooters, such as Metro: Last Light, for example, are way too much for AMD APU to handle and the launch of the new Richland design didn’t change that.

However, the integrated AMD graphics engine is anyway better than the competition. Graphics cores in Intel processors offered at a comparable price, such as Intel HD Graphics 2500 and Intel HD Graphics 4000, offer significantly lower 3D performance.

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