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Performance in Desktop Applications

We use WinRAR to measure the performance of processors when compressing data. We take a folder with a lot of files for a total amount of 560 megabytes and compress it into an archive with the highest compression settings.

The Intel Atom D525 is about 5% faster than the AMD E-350 at archiving. The older Atom 330 is inferior to AMD's energy-efficient processor, though.

We use our custom-made test to benchmark computers with Adobe Photoshop. It is a redesigned Retouch Artists Photoshop Speed Test involving some ordinary processing of four 10-megapixel images captured with a digital camera.

When processing images, the Brazos platform proves to be somewhat faster than both generations of the ION platform.

We use the Apple iTunes utility for our audio transcoding test. We convert an audio CD into AAC format. Take note that Apple iTunes can only make use of two CPU cores.

Apple iTunes runs in two execution threads, so the Atom’s Hyper-Threading technology is of no use here. This explains why the AMD Zacate wins this test.

To measure the speed of encoding video into the H.264 format we use the x264 HD test that involves the processing of original MPEG-2 video recorded at 720p resolution with a bit rate of 4 Mbps. By the way, the results of this test have huge practical value because the x264 codec is employed in a variety of transcoding utilities such as HandBrake, MeGUI, VirtualDub and others.

The Atom D525 based system is better at encoding video using CPU cores.

The speed of final rendering in Maxon Cinema 4D is benchmarked with the Cinebench test.

The results are low but the AMD E-350 processor is somewhat faster than both the Atom 330 and the Atom D525.

Next, we will use the integrated CPU test from the chess program Fritz to benchmark the systems.

Here, the 1.8GHz Atom is in the lead whereas the Atom 330 is almost as fast as the AMD Zacate.

Overall, our tests in different applications indicate that the Atom D525 and AMD E-350 are very close to each other in terms of traditional computing capacities. Either of them can be a little faster, depending on the specifics of the particular application.

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