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Dynamic Speed Boost in a Netbook?

X-bit labs: Will Zacate support some kind of dynamic overclocking capability to speed up graphics or one of x86 cores when needed?

Godfrey Cheng: We are going to look at how we are going to clock different components within the GPU properly. We are definitely going to have different parts of the APU running at different speeds...

X-bit labs: So, will you have a dynamic overclocking technology like TurboCore on AMD desktop chips or TurboBoost on Intel processors?

Godfrey Cheng: We can certainly throttle clock-speeds down for power savings. [...] We are basically still finalizing [specs of] production [units], doing very minor tweaking, [but, no exact details are available at this time].

X-bit labs: So, we should not probably expect any dynamic performance-enhancing technologies from there?

Godfrey Cheng:  The architecture is certainly capable, but we are evaluating the benefits versus detriments. What may work for our competitor's products may not work for our products. Our architectures within the chip are vastly different so comparing products at this level may not make a lot of sense.

What you are going to see as a strategy is that we will try to spread the TDP and dynamically  as much as possible within certain performance envelope. But I am not sure what the specific implementation is so far.

We doubt that AMD actually needs to implement performance-boosting technologies into low-cost low-power APUs. Those, who use netbooks do not demand a lot of speed, but would rather appreciate long battery life. Those, who demand performance will be able to take advantage of TurboCore capabilities offered by Llano that is due in mid-2011.

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