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Consumer Electronics?

X-bit labs: At present Intel and other chip companies are trying to enter the market of consumer electronics with Google TV platform. Are you interested in this particular platform or similar devices with your Ontario and Zacate APUs?

Godfrey Cheng: We are absolutely interested in expanding our market. The question for us is when we make an investment, we have to be absolutely sure that our bets will pay off. So, we are looking at tablets, we are looking at Internet TVs and how we can position products for that. Ultimately, we need to have the right product to address the tablet and the Internet TV market.

X-bit labs: Actually, the Ontario APU with 9W TDP seems to be an excellent product for set-top-boxes and Blu-ray players with rich multimedia functionality, Blu-ray 3D support...

Godfrey Cheng: We would absolutely loved to get into that market, but as you know there is a big element software to it. So, we need not only to have the right hardware product, but we need have the right solution for our [potential] customers. Keep in mind, we are a small company: where we invest, we need to win.

X-bit labs: Thank you for your answers and good luck!

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