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Video Encoding, Transcoding and Processing

This is the most interesting part of our test session, because work with media content is on the one hand a pretty popular task for home computer systems, but on the other requires significant computational resources.

The video encoding speed tests performed with popular codecs allow Istanbul processors to perform pretty well. I would like to specifically stress the fact that six-core AMD processors with relatively low clock frequency can compete with Core i7-920 on equal terms. Even though the latter works at higher clock frequency and the operating system sees it as an eight-core CPU (due to Hyper-Threading technology support).

However, when we transcoded the video using Cyberlink Media Show 5 (for our tests we transcoded the HD trailer of “2012” movie into format compatible with web-site), we didn’t see the advantages of multi-core Opteron microarchitecture that evidently anymore. As a result, even the quad-core Phenom II X4 copes with this task much faster thanks to its higher clock speed.

However, during non-linear video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro application six-core processors come in very handy. Both Istanbul CPUs participating in our today’s test session outperform Phenom II X4 965. However, even the top Opteron 2435 falls behind Core i7-920 although both of them have very similar clock frequencies. In other words, even with two additional cores AMD CPUs won’t get the necessary advantage over their quad-core competitors: they will most likely return to the high-performance segment only with Bulldozer microarchitecture.

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