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We Support Open Standards!

X-bit labs: So, can we say that right now you are more concerned about promoting OpenCL in general rather than OpenCL-based physics in particular?

Neal Robison: I think, in terms of both gaming and non-gaming developers it certainly makes a lot of sense to support an open-standard. We found that [multimedia software developers] chose to use DirectCompute for Blu-ray playback there. The bottom line for us is that we support open standards, such as OpenCL and DirectCompute, we feel this to be a way to move the whole industry forward.

AMD-Branded Apps

X-bit labs: You have an application that allows to allows to compress and decompress video. Nice one. Do you plan to create more AMD-branded applications?

Neal Robison: Traditionally we rely on our partners to create applications that take advantage of our technology. I think that application was a rare instance of AMD-branded app. We do not want to compete with our own partners. We feel that by enabling our partners to make that technology available makes much more sense as they have a lot more expertise in terms of distributing applications and making them more commercially available. You will rather see us enabling our partners to develop those new unique applications than to see AMD-branded programs.

X-bit labs: How does AMD see the market in the next year or two? What programs do you see GPGPU-optimized?

Neal Robison: The easiest ones to see will be games and multimedia playback and creation applications. Certainly, we want to take this much further and much broader. For example Internet Explorer 9 browser can take advantage of DirectX interface to accelerate 2D graphics, which is a huge step forwards acceleration of everything that we all use every single day. Forthcoming FireFox 4 and Chrome browsers will also take advantage of the GPU. In fact, moving [certain] tasks away from the CPU to the GPU, which is more efficient, prolongs battery life on mobile devices.

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