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Tablet Plans: Yes to Windows, Android, MeeGo Under Consideration

X-bit labs: At present there are loads of interesting opportunities, particularly on the market of tablet PCs. What are you going to do? How do you plan to address the Android market, for example? Or do you see Windows as a primary opportunity? What is your stance onto the MeeGo operating system.

Neal Robison: The OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL ES 3.0 are the APIs specifically build for the mobile market and we support them in a very strong way with our drivers and our development tools. The effort that we are put into optimizing compilers, into optimizing our user-built APIs, I think, will continue to help on the mobile market.

We are shipping this quarter a tablet that will be built on a Fusion chip. This will only be the first one and many others based on the Fusion architecture will come out. We believe that Fusion can bring very strong graphics performance to the tablet or mobile segment in general. Having DirectX 11-capable GPU on a tablet would open up huge opportunities for developers who know how to use this API. It is going to require a cooperation with Microsoft, obviously; at CES they announced their intention to better support the tablet market, announced something that we are working together with them on.

As we look onto open-standards market, the Android certainly makes a tremendous amount of sense. That is something we will be investigating as we take our Fusion architecture [into new markets] and we are able to create versions of this architecture for lower power environments that would work quite well for, perhaps, a tablet using this operating system.

MeeGo is pretty interesting from a Linux perspective, and I think we need to see a little bit more market acceptance. We are going to be driven by folks, who actually make the compute devices, e.g., OEMs and hardware partners. [Once they release devices and show their interest], we are going to prioritize our R&D efforts accordingly.

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