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Of course, the major advantage of the new Athlon II X4 processors is their low price. Since AMD set the prices for these processors between $100 and $120, they seem very attractive. They are truly the cheapest quad-core CPUs available in the market today that are manufactured with contemporary 45 nm process. And that is more than enough to help Athlon II X4 take over very strong market positions.

However, low price is far not the only great thing about these new AMD solutions. Besides it, the new CPUs are pretty fast, which allows them to perform equally fast with junior quad-core Intel solutions selling at a slightly higher price point. Among the tasks that are a definite strength of the new Athlon II X4 are video processing and rendering applications.

But unfortunately, we can’t disregard the fact that the absence of L3 cache memory is limiting their performance quite significantly in a number of applications. Office work, image editing and 3D games are typical tasks where Athlon II X4 look way weaker than their Phenom II X4 counterparts. And these are the tasks where the new CPUs are defeated by the junior Core 2 Quad solutions. I believe it is a question that only you yourselves can answer judging by your needs and preferences whether low price of the new AMD solutions makes up for their low performance of in all these cases.

As for us, we can conclude that the new CPUs have very adequate combination of average performance and price for the today’s market. Overall, Athlon II X4 could be considered AMD’s small but nevertheless important achievement in the cut-throat competition against Intel, if it hadn’t been for one “but”. A serious drawback these new processors have is their too high power consumption and lower overclocking potential than those of their competitors. Therefore, the combinations of all these factors do not make Athlon II X4 a particular success on AMD’s part. However, we can’t deny the fact that their attractive price will make this CPU extremely interesting for a certain user group, no doubt about that.

Summing up everything we have just said, we can only add that in the current situation AMD picked the right path for their further development. Until they have a new microarchitecture that could compete against Nehalem processors, the only way for them to successfully compete against Intel is the local price war in the lower market segment. Athlon II X4 suits perfectly for the job. The new Propus core developed specifically for these new processors costs much less to make than Deneb core, because it has no L3 cache at all. And it means that with the potential of this new core AMD has every opportunity for further expansion of their inxpensive multi-core processor families, which are going to become even more and more popular with the time.

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