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Although dual-core Athlon X2 7000 processors are based on the same B3 processor stepping as the contemporary quad-core and triple-core AMD CPUs, we should pay special attention to their overclocking potential. As you know, processors with fewer cores working simultaneously dissipate less heat, which, theoretically, may open additional opportunities for successful overclocking.

Athlon X2 7750 processor we tested within our overclocking investigation belongs to the Black Edition series, so it features an unlocked clock frequency multiplier, just like other processors of the same sort. It makes checking out its frequency potential much easier. For our experiments we used a Zalman CNPS9700 LED air-cooler and increased the processor Vcore from the nominal 1.3V to 1.45V. in these conditions we managed to push its frequency to 3.3GHz without losing stability.

Frankly speaking, we were very pleasantly surprised with this result. Triple- and quad-core Phenom processors using similar cores cannot boast similar overclockability in identical testing conditions with air-cooling involved. In this case, however, we managed to increase the processor frequency by 22% above the nominal, which is not bad for the top product in the family.

Therefore, Athlon X2 7000 processors seem to be a much better choice for overclockers than the previous generation Athlon X2 CPUs. The latter processors are unable to demonstrate similar performance when overclocked to their maximum. However, at the same time we shouldn’t forget that Intel CPUs from the same price range are capable of much more impressive overclocking by over 50%. So, despite the indisputable improvement, we can’t expect new dual-core AMD processors to become widely accepted among computer enthusiasts.

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