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Other Applications

Final rendering speed in 3ds max is much higher when you have a Pentium based system. Core microarchitecture that allows processing four instructions per clock instead of three seems fitter for heavy computational work.

We can draw the same conclusion when we measure the systems performance during 3D modeling of protein folding process by a famous distributed computing client called Folding@Home.

The performance in a popular Adobe Photoshop graphics editor is also not the strongest side of AMD CPUs. Although Athlon X2 on K10 (Stars) microarchitecture have become faster than their predecessors, it is still not enough to compete successfully against Intel CPUs on Core microarchitecture. However, this is no news for our regular readers: Photoshop, 3ds max and Folding@Home have long been known as tasks that don’t favor AMD processors.

Another application like that is Excel, where Intel processors work almost twice as fast. By the way, Excel is one of those applications where new Athlon X2 7850 and 7750 CPUs also lose to their predecessors on K8 microarchitecture.

The results of WinRAR utility will also be a disappointment for AMD fans. As soon as the CPUs from this maker switched to new microarchitecture, they began to archive slower. So, although AMD Athlon X2 processors used to perform much better than Intel solutions before, now the advantage is really tiny.

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