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Clarkdale Lineup

So, this is what the base features of the new CPUs codenamed Clarkdale will look like:

At this point Intel doesn’t disclose any specific frequencies, but we can tell you that the frequencies of the new Clarkdale processors will lie in 2.8-3.46 GHz range. Moreover, they will be offered within the new Core i5 series as well as under Core i3 and Pentium brands. At this point we expect to see the following model lineup:

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Performance Preview

And in conclusion let us say a few words about the performance. Intel didn’t let use run any benchmarks on a Clarkdale based system ourselves. So, at this point we can only share those few numbers that were reported by the manufacturer:

According to SPEC CPU2006 test, Clarkdale processor working at 3.33 GHz will perform close to Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400. As we can see, even though Clarkdale is a dual-core CPU, it performs as fast as the previous generation quad-core working at 2.66 GHz. If we compare its performance against that of a 3.0 GHz dual-core processor, it will be almost 1.5 times faster.

As you know, most of SPEC tests have a memory component in them. Clarkdale delivers much higher memory bandwidth and provides a lot more headroom to work with compared with LGA775 platforms.

Therefore in SiSoft Sandra test we also see a massive memory bandwidth advance. So, if, for instance, you work with a lot of HD content and applications like Cyberlink PowerDirector, you can really see improvement in speed.

PCMark Vantage offers us a more optimistic prognosis for Clarkdale performance. Here we can actually compare the new CPU with the top quad-core Yorkfields. Clarkdale owes some of its success to the fact that PCMark employs operating system algorithms, and Windows 7 supports AESNI instructions. So, we will only see this advantage under Windows 7 OS. Under Windows Vista the result will most likely be lower.

And here are the numbers that will allow us to draw some conclusions about the graphic core performance (the tests were run in systems with integrated graphics). 3DMark Vantage clearly shows that Clarkdale GPU is really 1.5 times faster than the Intel G45 integrated graphics core. As for the processor performance, the dual-core Clarkdale again runs just as fast as quad-core Yorkfield.

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