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Overall, the specifications of Gigabyte E350N-USB3 look as follows:

The BIOS of this mainboard has pretty typical interface, which we see by many other Gigabyte products. Gigabyte hasn’t yet transitioned to UEFI technology, so in this case all we see is a typical Award BIOS setup.




If you take a closer look at the screenshots above, you will notice that Gigabyte engineers offer rather unusual set of features for their highly integrated Mini-ITX solutions, which seem to be the prerogative of more advanced products. I am talking about the MB Intelligent Tweaker section with all the overclocking-related tools. And in this case it is not only about CPU, but also about the graphic core overclocking.

You can’t change the processor clock frequency multiplier for AMD E-350, but you can influence its frequency through the base generator clock, which may be increased from the nominal 100 MHz up to 120 MHz. The graphics core frequency may be increased above the nominal 500 MHz almost without limitations. Besides that, the mainboard also allows raising the voltage on the APU, memory and chipset.

It is especially nice that all these features are fully functional. They really do work and allow you to overclock not only the APU, but also specifically the integrated graphics core. Our record was 1824 MHz CPU and 750 MHz graphics core frequency.

The system worked absolutely stably at these speeds and passed all the regular processor tests as well as graphics tests normally.

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