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Gaming Performance

We are going to start our gaming performance analysis with 3DMark Vantage tests run with Entry settings profile.

Graphics performance has the biggest influence on the 3DMark vantage scores that is why the winner here is Core i5-2500T with Intel HD Graphics 2000 core working at higher frequency than by the rest of the competitors. Other processors all come in a tight pack, where the scores differ mostly due to varying computational abilities of the tested CPUs. Here I’d like to note that unlike SYSMark 2012 and applications, 3DMark Vantage doesn’t run too good on Core i5-2390T. Here it slows down to the speed of Core i3-2100, because it is a dual-core processor, which performance, nevertheless, classifies it as a Core i5.

To study the gaming performance we chose Far Cry 2, Dirt 3 and Starcraft 2 games. All of these games run acceptably fast using the Intel HD Graphics 2000 core. Although we had to run them in 1280x800 resolution with Low image quality settings.

And again the leadership goes to Core i5-2500T for obvious reasons. It may seem that the Intel HD Graphics 2000 core in this processor overclocks only a little bit better than the graphics cores in other processors, but this is more than enough to ensure a substantial advantage in speed. Other Core i5 and Core i3 processors go in a nice tight pack. Only Core i3-2100T fell a little behind in Starcraft 2. Just like the junior Pentium processors, it obviously lacks computational performance to make sure that its graphics core is fully utilized in this very CPU-dependent game.

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