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Gaming Performance 

As you know, it is the graphics subsystem that most often determines the overall performance of a computer in modern games if the CPU is fast enough (and the $200 CPUs we are testing today are indeed fast). Therefore we run gaming tests in our CPU reviews without full-screen antialiasing and at low resolutions. So, the results are not indicative of how fast the particular game can run on modern computers but rather how well the tested CPUs can cope with gaming load. This can give us some insight into the future when graphics cards will get faster and the CPU may become the limiting factor. 

Games are not the kind of applications to make good use of multithreading. Therefore the Core i5-760 is roughly as fast as the Core i7-860. The latter enjoys a small advantage thanks to working with faster system memory which is important for games. Thus, the Core i5-760 (and its predecessor) is fast enough to be used in a high-performance gaming computer. 

The competing offer from AMD, Phenom II X6 1055T, cannot boast such a high speed. It is slower in nearly every of the gaming tests and is less appealing for gamers. The six-core processor from AMD is only competitive to Intel's previous-generation Core 2 Quad series. 

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