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Frankly speaking, we had not expected much from the new quad-core model in the Core i5 series before we tested it. Its clock rate is a mere 133 MHz higher than that of its predecessor, which is not much of an improvement. However, the Core i5-760 proved to have a lot of other benefits besides the clock rate. First of all, its Turbo Boost technology is set up in a more aggressive way and increases its clock rate under single-threaded load by 266 MHz above that of the Core i5-750. Second, the Core i5-760 is more economical than the Core i5-750 processors we tested before. And third, the polished-off tech process has improved the overclockability of this Lynnfield-core processor. 

Thanks to all these small enhancements, the Core i5-760 looks definitely more appealing than its predecessor. What is especially nice, its price is a mere $9 higher than that of the Core i5-750, so Intel has got a very competitive product in the $200 segment. This product can not only compete with AMD's six-core CPU but can also challenge the more expensive Core i7-860 which only differs from the Core i5-760 in its support of Hyper-Threading (which is not always a useful technology) and faster system memory (DDR3-1600).

To illustrate our point, we can show you a diagram with the average performance and price of the tested CPUs.

Although the Core i5-760 has a good position in the diagram, we wouldn't want to talk much about how perspective this new Lynnfield model may be. Yes, it is interesting now, but its lifecycle may prove to be too short. In January Intel will introduce the Sandy Bridge processor series which will use a completely new platform and push the performance bar much higher in every price category. Therefore, purchasing any LGA1156 processor, including the Core i5-760, may be not advisable today. That's why we don't think the new CPU will have the time to become as popular as the Core i5-750, yet it will surely find its customer, too.

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