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Intel Core i5-3570K


Core i5-3570K processor is the crown of the entire third generation Core i5 line-up. It boasts not only the highest clock frequency in the family, but also has a unique distinguishing feature stressed by the “K” letter in the model name – unlocked clock frequency multiplier. This allows Intel to regard Core i5-3570K as a special overclocker product. And it does indeed look very appealing against the background of the top overclocker CPU for the LGA 1155 platform, Core i7-3770K, due to more affordable price. Therefore, Intel Core i5-3570K is currently almost the best option for enthusiasts out there from the market prospective.

At the same time Core i5-3570K is appealing not only due to its overclocking-friendliness. Non-overclockers may also turn to this product, because it features the top graphics core model from Intel – HD Graphics 4000 with much higher performance than the other Core i5 processors have to offer.

Intel Core i5-3570


The same model name as that of the previous processor model but without the “K” letter in the end gives us a hint that this is a non-overclocker modification of the previous processor. And this is indeed so: Core i5-3570 works at the same frequencies  as its more advanced brother, but doesn’t support unlimited adjustment of the clock frequency multiplier parameter, which the enthusiasts value so much.

However, there is another thing. Core i5-3570 doesn’t have the fastest graphics core, and we are left with Intel HD Graphics 2500, which is significantly weaker in many aspects as we will demonstrate later in this review.

As a result, feature-wise Core i5-3570 is actually closer to Core i5-3550 than to Core i5-3570K. And there are very good reasons for that. While this processor came out a little later than the first group of Ivy Bridge CPUs, it does signify certain evolution of the family. With the same MSRP as the Core i5-3550 model, it is destined to replace the latter eventually.

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