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Gaming Performance

As you know, it is the graphics subsystem that determines the performance of the entire platform equipped with pretty high-speed processors in the majority of contemporary games. Therefore, we select the most CPU-dependent games and take the fps readings twice. The first test run is performed without antialiasing and in far not the highest screen resolutions. These settings allow us to determine how well the processors can cope with the gaming loads in general and how the tested CPUs will behave in the nearest future, when new faster graphics card models will be widely available. The second pass is performed with more real-life settings – in FullHD resolution and maximum FSAA settings. In our opinion, these results are less interesting, but they demonstrate clearly the level of performance we can expect from contemporary processors today.

We have already stated before that LGA 2011 platform can hardly be considered and ideal gaming solution. Some issues with PCI Express 3.0 support and six-core design, which contemporary games do not yet take full advantage of, make this platform less appealing for gaming needs than LGA 1155. Yes, LGA 2011 mainboards boast full support for a variety of multi-GPU graphics configurations, which doesn’t require any additional hubs, but not everyone will really appreciate this feature. In a more general case, as we can see, the system with Core i7-3770K inside can do at least as well as a system with the new Core i7-3970X in FullHD resolution with maximum image quality settings. However, this LGA 1155 system will be significantly more affordable. Although, we can’t disregard immense potential of the LGA 2011 system here. If the graphics sub-system is not the limiting factor, and the game knows to create numerous parallel threads, then Core i7-3970X becomes an indisputable leader.

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