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Low-resolution results:

When the graphics subsystem doesn’t limit the processor’s speed, the Haswell-E series, including the 6-core models, do better. There are a number of games where the Core i7-5960X is ahead of the Core i7-4790K.

The Ivy Bridge-E series used to be installed in gaming computers and had no problems running video games. The newer Haswell-E generation is faster, both in 8- and 6-core versions, so they should be as good a choice, especially if you’re building a future-proof gaming configuration. Obviously, upcoming games will be able to make a more efficient use of multiple CPU cores.

Winding up the gaming part of our review, we will run Futuremark 3DMark.

3DMark is well optimized for multicore CPUs, so the 8-core i7-5960X delivers very high performance, leaving its opponents far behind. The 6-core i7-5930K and i7-5820K are as good as the ex-flagship i7-4960X. The 4GHz quad-core Devil’s Canyon is only comparable in 3DMark with the junior 6-core i7-5820K which has a clock rate of only 3.3 GHz.

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