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Performance during Audio and Video Transcoding

The situation with performance in popular codecs looks a little bit more interesting. First of all we should pay attention to the fast performance of LGA1156 processors during audio files transcoding in iTunes. It is a clear demonstration of the advantages in second Turbo Mode version implemented in Lynnfield, because iTunes is one of those applications that create only two-threaded load.

As we know, DivX was well optimized for quad-core processors, only it doesn’t really new Hyper-Threading technology. We can draw this conclusion from the similar results demonstrated by Core i7-870 and Core i5-750 in this codec. However, even though one of the most important Nehalem processor technologies is sort of out of business here, their computational capacity is more than enough to outperform all processors with a different microarchitecture. We don’t see any serious performance difference here between LGA1366 and LGA1156 Nehalem modifications.

However, when we use x264 codec, Hyper-Threading ensures a pretty significant performance boost. As a result, Core i7 supporting this technology are far ahead of the opponents at the very top of the diagram. Moreover, the performance of the new Core i7-870 is just a little below that of Core i7-950. As for the results demonstrated by Core i5-750 that doesn’t support Hyper-Threading, it falls pretty far behind its fellow processors. Nevertheless, even despite that, it outperforms almost all other quad-core testing participants that do not belong to the Core i7 lineup, except Phenom II X4 965.

Performance in Video Editing Applications

Non-linear video editing is a task that loads all processor cores very seriously and requires high memory subsystem bandwidth. As a result, Turbo Mode technology is helpless, which pushes Lynnfield quite far behind Bloomfield. Nevertheless, LGA1156 platform still looks pretty attractive against the background of all other processors.

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